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SNCC 2014

Posted by troy w. norman on January 14, 2015 at 1:55 AM

2014 started with youth season hunt that we gave away to a young man from Mo. He and his family tagged along on the hunt. Its was a slow start to what was thought to be a quick hunt as we had the birds pegged down. But as you know nothing ever goes as planned in the turkey woods. About 11 am I got the birds fired up when I challenged a hen to a calling contest AND HERE THE CAME!!! Two NICE toms. as they close the distance we ready the gun and Colton Flint downs his first Longbeard and a nice one at that!!! O to regular season I hunted 1st season IL and harvested a bird on the final day when on a last ditch effort after passing several jakes i fool ol thunder head with a sly move in some thick cover to better postiton myself for calling and at 11:30 on the last day i cut him down. Second season was my dads turn and its always a blast to have him along. We had birds working everyday in tight . Thight enough in fact for a shot but ....OH SO CLOSE this bird made me work the calls for hours i was tired and all for a miss but I was dont beaten!!!! The next day we work and work and work on 2 big birds in the bottoms and FINALLY one makes the final mistake and gets to close to Ol Dad. Third season more of the same working birds everyday in tight but KJ needs them just a lil tighter with the 20 ga and we had to let one go by JUST out of range. Myabe I should have let her try but the birds were working so well I thought we would get another in real soon. Again they prove me wrong. KJ goes without. Then we head to KS and I dont really want to talk about KS it was a disaster for the most part even though we managed to get one bird on the ground it just wasnt the best hunting. and we will leave it at that. 5th seaon So.IL I get home and the birds are HAMMERING!!!!!!!!!!!. 5th seaon really awesome cause after that KS hunt I NEED my gobble fix. Jarrett and I are up to bat and Sat. we had em close  but we worked till the deadline and didnt get close enough. Sun we worked hard and had birds working but with was call shy THEN at 11 oclock BAM THUNDER!!!!! and he was close and moving fast ol dad just showed his son (Jarrett) that hard work pays off cause a few minutes later he lowered the BOOM on a teriffic longbeard. So Monday I go to try and fill my final tag of the year. Thinking back to KS and how I had a bad tatse in my mouth I wanted to put it behind me well I didnt have to wait long cause once they hit the ground the B lined it to me like they was on a string and 15 min after shooting light my season was over. Overall a great season and ready for 2015

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