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Bird #2 for 2011

Posted by troy w. norman on April 30, 2011 at 7:09 PM

so 1st let me say this. I hunted 2nd season with my dad and called in a couple birds that just didnt give him a good shot but as I was hunting I was thinking and watching what the birds where doing. As the week went on I knew what my set up was going to be for my wifes 1st turkey hunt. Saturday was the 1st day she could hunt and I had watched the birds Friday do just what I wanted them to do Sat. We get up and get set up early in the ameristep blind and wait for the woods to come to life. When the time was right I told her to give them a soft tree yelp on the SNCC and BOOM!!! THUNDER from all around us. Her eyes lit up in amazement and from then on I think she was hooked. I then said now SHHHHHH you got em started dont over call they will come trust me. As we sat and listened to the amazing sounds of the owls, turkeys gobbling, hens yelping and all the birds wake up she was still smiling over making the first bird gobble. Now jump ahead about 20 min. and a bird walks to the field edge takes one look and returns to the woods before KJ could see him. I'm now thinking I messed the hunt up ...was it the decoys? the blind? as the birds circle to the north of us on the ridge I could do nothing but kick myself as for 4 days the birds crossed this field and today the go around it ...why? So now I'm angry that I failed her it should have been a done deal. I cut on my box call .....notta ....I yelp.....silence a half hour goes by of me kicking myself ....I cut again....nothing I told her lets go we gotta move NOW. I unzip the blind and there he is on the other end of the field and he is coming. she gets ready he gets even with the decoys and into the woods he goes I purr and here he comes ...Shoot I say she cuts loose and hit him in the chest ....SHOOT SHOOT AGAIN and I hear I CANT THE GUN IS JAMMED!!! and out of instinct I roll him as he is getting away. Boy do I feel like a real selfish hunter NOT GOOD Not at all what I wanted to happen ... but to my surprise she stayed with me and hunted 5 more days even though she didnt harvest a bird she gained alot of my  respect and I think she will be a outdoors women yet. Love ya babe and I owe you big I know.

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