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SNCC 2014

Posted by troy w. norman on January 14, 2015 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (2)

2014 started with youth season hunt that we gave away to a young man from Mo. He and his family tagged along on the hunt. Its was a slow start to what was thought to be a quick hunt as we had the birds pegged down. But as you know nothing ever goes as planned in the turkey woods. About 11 am I got the birds fired up when I challenged a hen to a calling contest AND HERE THE CAME!!! Two NICE toms. as they close the distance we ready the gun and Colton Flint downs his first Longbeard and a nice one at that!!! O to regular season I hunted 1st season IL and harvested a bird on the final day when on a last ditch effort after passing several jakes i fool ol thunder head with a sly move in some thick cover to better postiton myself for calling and at 11:30 on the last day i cut him down. Second season was my dads turn and its always a blast to have him along. We had birds working everyday in tight . Thight enough in fact for a shot but ....OH SO CLOSE this bird made me work the calls for hours i was tired and all for a miss but I was dont beaten!!!! The next day we work and work and work on 2 big birds in the bottoms and FINALLY one makes the final mistake and gets to close to Ol Dad. Third season more of the same working birds everyday in tight but KJ needs them just a lil tighter with the 20 ga and we had to let one go by JUST out of range. Myabe I should have let her try but the birds were working so well I thought we would get another in real soon. Again they prove me wrong. KJ goes without. Then we head to KS and I dont really want to talk about KS it was a disaster for the most part even though we managed to get one bird on the ground it just wasnt the best hunting. and we will leave it at that. 5th seaon So.IL I get home and the birds are HAMMERING!!!!!!!!!!!. 5th seaon really awesome cause after that KS hunt I NEED my gobble fix. Jarrett and I are up to bat and Sat. we had em close  but we worked till the deadline and didnt get close enough. Sun we worked hard and had birds working but with was call shy THEN at 11 oclock BAM THUNDER!!!!! and he was close and moving fast ol dad just showed his son (Jarrett) that hard work pays off cause a few minutes later he lowered the BOOM on a teriffic longbeard. So Monday I go to try and fill my final tag of the year. Thinking back to KS and how I had a bad tatse in my mouth I wanted to put it behind me well I didnt have to wait long cause once they hit the ground the B lined it to me like they was on a string and 15 min after shooting light my season was over. Overall a great season and ready for 2015

SNCC 2013

Posted by troy w. norman on January 16, 2014 at 6:40 AM Comments comments (1)

Well 2013 was full of "first" for myself and SNCC. I Got to go on my first duck/ goose hunt with fellow staff member Ryan Decker. We harvested some nice ducks and a goose or two. Jai and i Haeaded to FL for a week of Osceola turkey hunting with James and Brent and James and I harvested our First FL birds. Jai well lets not go there. We havested some nice birds here in IL and the headed to KS to close out the seaon and a coworker and I harvested a double on the first morning. While we was in KS I got word that Pro Staff member Dave had called in a bird in the rain for his now wife and she harvested her first bird. So all in all I think the total for the staff was over 40 birds called in a killed. In big part to out two Rookie staff members Hockett and Hoag (Mike Hockett & Mike Hoagland) I dont know the total but I think it was 9 maybe more. Glad to have them on board and I say rookies they hunt like veterens for sure. So Im sure i missed something but lets fast forward to Deer season. Jai starts off by taking a very nice velvet buck on opening day in KY a first for him and SNCC. We harvested several very nice bucks this year but another first is yet to come .......KJ (my wife) harvested her very first deer during the shotgun season. A GREAT YEAR "STORMN THE WILD" I would like to thank all the SNCC staff and our outstanding sponsors. 


Posted by troy w. norman on July 26, 2012 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (0)

2012 WOW!

Well its been to long since I posted a blog so I thought i would get you caught up all at once with a 2012 timeline.


January was a very busy time for SNCC. Lots of people statred thinking about turkey season early with the mild winter.

 Our SNCC pro staff was formed.


Started off the second month of the yr with a ton of orders (thanks Jai) and it continued into Mar.

Some of the staff attended the NWTF conv. in Nashville and sported out new SNCC pro staff shirts.


SNCC had 2 staff members head to GA. to get the 2012 turkey season started off RIGHT! and Pastor James Hampton connected on a very nice longbeard.

SNCC added some Field Staff members


WOW I dont know where to start with April. The entire month is a month I will never forget. I was getting pictures daily of people having great luck with SNCC in hand. So many so that I lost count of the birds that where harvested using SNCC. The SNCC Staff was also putting down birds all over the country. It was so much fun for me to see all of the fun people was having with SNCC.


A couple of us in IL started May off with a bang or should I say BANG BANG BANG!!! and Pro staffer Dave Collier and myself pulled off a triple in just 3 hours of hunting.

A couple weeks later Jai myself and James are out in MI looking to score on some birds that was just not going to play nice. But we ended up getting a couple nice spots to hunt and James and his buddies lay down some more birds that next week.


SNCC bought Clear Creek calls and expanded the shop to 3 times the size.


SNCC started marketing a line of calls to camo companies with their camo pattern on the calls and it is doing well.

Stay tuned and watch for the next blog on the rest of 2012 later this yr

Thanks to all and God Bless!!!

Bird #2 for 2011

Posted by troy w. norman on April 30, 2011 at 7:09 PM Comments comments (0)

so 1st let me say this. I hunted 2nd season with my dad and called in a couple birds that just didnt give him a good shot but as I was hunting I was thinking and watching what the birds where doing. As the week went on I knew what my set up was going to be for my wifes 1st turkey hunt. Saturday was the 1st day she could hunt and I had watched the birds Friday do just what I wanted them to do Sat. We get up and get set up early in the ameristep blind and wait for the woods to come to life. When the time was right I told her to give them a soft tree yelp on the SNCC and BOOM!!! THUNDER from all around us. Her eyes lit up in amazement and from then on I think she was hooked. I then said now SHHHHHH you got em started dont over call they will come trust me. As we sat and listened to the amazing sounds of the owls, turkeys gobbling, hens yelping and all the birds wake up she was still smiling over making the first bird gobble. Now jump ahead about 20 min. and a bird walks to the field edge takes one look and returns to the woods before KJ could see him. I'm now thinking I messed the hunt up ...was it the decoys? the blind? as the birds circle to the north of us on the ridge I could do nothing but kick myself as for 4 days the birds crossed this field and today the go around it ...why? So now I'm angry that I failed her it should have been a done deal. I cut on my box call .....notta ....I yelp.....silence a half hour goes by of me kicking myself ....I cut again....nothing I told her lets go we gotta move NOW. I unzip the blind and there he is on the other end of the field and he is coming. she gets ready he gets even with the decoys and into the woods he goes I purr and here he comes ...Shoot I say she cuts loose and hit him in the chest ....SHOOT SHOOT AGAIN and I hear I CANT THE GUN IS JAMMED!!! and out of instinct I roll him as he is getting away. Boy do I feel like a real selfish hunter NOT GOOD Not at all what I wanted to happen ... but to my surprise she stayed with me and hunted 5 more days even though she didnt harvest a bird she gained alot of my  respect and I think she will be a outdoors women yet. Love ya babe and I owe you big I know.

Bird # 1

Posted by troy w. norman on April 22, 2011 at 7:19 PM Comments comments (0)

1st season second day 2011. After getting soaked one the first day and only seeing jakes I moved to a new location. My setup was beside a large oak tree on a big ridge that the birds like to travel. This spot has paid big before and was hoping the sunshine would have the birds working the SNCC. As day breaks the birds cut loose to the sound of some soft tree yelps from my glass on the SNCC call. Just as many time before the birds worked the bottoms but responded well to the call. Soon I seen movement coming my way but moved off about 50 yrds to my right around a dead log. As the bird came out from behind the dead log he spotted me and bolted. In a fit of rage I slung led knowing it was for not. Now as I beat my head on the oak tree for my 1st miss in 8 years I told myself just chill out you know there are more birds in the bottoms. So I wait............ about a hour goes by before I decide to try my luck. I yelp....nothing so I give them a couple clucks followed by a yelp....silence.....ok now my head is really hurting as I kick myself for the earlier miss. It's then I decide to cut......not a peep.......and out of nowhere BOOM he brings the thunder but still works back and forth in the bottoms about 100 yrds. So I break out a second striker and give him my best fighting purr on the SNCC slate and about 45 seconds later I'm pulling the trigger on a great So. IL bird.

decoys to use or not to use

Posted by troy w. norman on March 16, 2011 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (1)

I have been on the fence with this one for many years. I have seen them work and I have seen them BLOW IT more than once. Let me hear your thoughts and strories on decoys


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