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About SNCC

SNCC is a small family owned and operated company making all kinds of custom game calls at a working mans price. I started making calls as a hobby and enjoy and take pride in making every call like its for my own turkey vest.  I have many wood and playing surface types to choose from. What sets my calls apart from the others is the fact that i will help you choose the call that is what YOU are looking for, not just what I have in stock! Let me custom make your next call and you too can "Storm the wild" this spring. I assure you , you wont be disappointed and if at any point you are not satisfied with my product just simply return it and I will either refund your money or make you a new call.

SNCC Pro-Staff

"Stormn" Troy W. Norman

Founder of Stormn' Norman Custom Calls

God, Family, and  Country are the three most important things to me .
I started hunting small game at age of 6, oddly enough that same year I gave my life to the lord my savoir. I startred  deer at age 9 and turkey at the age of 12. When I harvested my first bird is when I uncovered my obession, but at the time I didn't know how far it would take me. After calling in my first bird on my own I knew that I would never give this up. 

I now spend countless hours obsessing and studying wild turkeys; behaviors, patterns,and language. I have taken my love of the outdoors to the next level and enjoying showing others how rewarding it can be to "storm the wild" on a beautiful spring morning.

When I am not hunting I enjoy spending time with my wife, Kathy Jo and 2 kids Jaycelynn and Jarrett. Having two very active kids keeps us very busy as a family. I am active in our church as security and rapid response.

Since 2009, I have been a NWTF committee member for the Forbes Lake Limbhangers and volunteer time hosting JAKES events, Wheelin Sporstman hunts, banquets and other fundraisers. I am also a Ducks Unlimited Member,Quail Forever mamber and NRA member. If there is one thing I would share with you that could make your hunt more enjoyable is TAKE A KID TURKEY HUNTING! watch as their eyes light up when they hear that gobble and you will never forget it nor will they.


[email protected]

Mike Hockett 

My name is Mike Hockett. My passions are my faith, my family and the great outdoors.  I have been hunting since I was 13, but discovered my passion for turkey hunting only 5 years ago.  the only thing better that turkey hunting is taking a kid hunting with me.  I have had that opportunity many times and the thrill of seeing a child experience this excitement for the first time never gets old.  My first goal is to continue to introduce the youth to the wonders of the woods including my own daughter.  My second goal is to teach them to harvest animals for the right reasons, not just as trophies   

I have to thank Troy Norman of Stormn Norman Custom Calls for the success I have had in the woods.  If it were not for his products, i would never have harvested the beautiful birds that I have.  I have been a strong supporter for his products the last 2 years and will continue to be for as long as i am able to hunt.  Thank you Troy for allowing me to be a member of your prostaff.


Michael Hoagland ( bio coming soon)


Monte Ryan

Hi I am Monte Ryan and I am 37 yrs old. I was born in the northern state of New York. I was raised and currently reside in Christian Co. Missouri. I have a 17 yr old son (Shannon) that loves that outdoors as much as i do. The best hunting buddy a dad could ask for. I started enjoying the outdoors at the age of 5 where I found out what fishing was all about. At the age of 10 I started rifle hunting with my dad and my older brother. At the age of 12 I killed my first whitetail  and have been hooked since. I started bow hunting at the age of 19. At that time in my life I was able to understand what God has created and what an honor it was to go out and hunt and enjoy what God has created for us. In 2001 I went on my first turkey hunting adventure and found out it is my passion. Since then I have been able to harvest several birds. In 2010 I joined the Rogersville Strutters (NWTF) chapter and have been a committee member and active member since. Being so active in the chapter I have been able to participate in disabled youth and veteran hunts. I have been able help scout, setup, hunt, and film for several of the hunts. Seeing the smile on a kids face when they here their first gobble or see their first deer in gods creation is priceless. That's why I do what I do... I have been able to harvest several deer with my bow. This past spring turkey season I was able to harvest my first bird with my bow and self film. Since my girlfriend and I have been together god has blessed with us expecting our first child. Benjamin Allen Ryan will be here around September 2. Im so excited to have another hunting partner to go and enjoy the beautiful outdoors! After all the youth is our future of our hunting heritage. With that being said I can't wait for this fall to see what God has in store for the hunting season and for everyone at SNCC. I want to thank the SNCC guys and gals for letting me join the team. I am very excited for this opportunity to create friends and friendship and learn from each other to share God's paradise and to enjoy what all of us at SNCC love to do! Thanks to all and God Bless!

Dave Collier

Hi I'm Dave Collier. I've been deer hunting since 1986 and turkey hunting for 11 yrs. I've seen first hand how well SNCC works and was able to take a nice gobbler with mine last year. Most of my free time is spent hunting and scouting with the founder of SNCC. I wish him continued success in the future.


Michael Garden

I am Michael Garden, I was born and raised in a non-hunting family and began hunting later in life. I first started with hunting deer but then decided why not give turkey hunting a shot. I soon came to realize just how much I would love turkey hunting and it became one of my passions in life.I love it so much I even started my son turkey hunting at a young age. And since then I was even able to get my daughter to start hunting turkeys with me.

I have harvested several turkeys with both my gun and my bow and I just can't get enough of the sport


Kevin Janway

Well I have been married to my wife Stacey Janway for 9 years in October, we have a 11 year old son together Jeffrey Janway, and have two step daughters Taylor Orndorff and Darian Orndorff, I hav been a welder for 23 years a hunt just about everything I hav a chance to hunt, but turkey hunting is my passion, next would be predator and duck hunting and I love to coon hunt, have guided and hunted turkeys for the past 15 years and do guides for predators, I just enjoy the challenge and being in the woods and with family and friends

SNCC Field Staff

Ryan Decker

 I am 34 years old, married to my wife Tiffany and we have a 5 year old daughter Bailey. I live and work in the city of Salem Il. I am also a Lt. on the Salem Fire District. I began in the outdoors when I was 9 years old fishing with my grandfather and my uncles. I began waterfowl hunting at age 15 when I was invited by my friend and his grandfather to join them on a goose hunt in... southern Il. and I was hooked. I have hunted waterfowl since that day until present time. I also enjoy turkey, deer and coyote hunting, and fishing, golfing and just about anything outdoors. I am thankful that I was taught to enjoy and respect nature and the animals that live in it. The thing about waterfowl or any other hunting I do that I enjoy the most is the peace of the outdoors and the people I've had the honor of meeting and becoming friends with and sharing a hunt with those people. I had the honor of seeing my friend take his first goose this year. It brought me more joy to call it in for him and see his excitement than any bird I've ever taken myself. That kind of thing is what its all about to me.

Also the photo is of myself on the left, Chad Belding(The Fowl Life) in the middle and my buddy Richard Follett on the right.

Mike Dunbar

My name is Mike Dunbar. I'm married to my wife Jennifer and we two daughters Hannah and Payton. I work as an educator for the Illinois Department of Corrections. I am also the Assistant Chief of the Odin Fire Department. I began hunting small game with my dad at a very young age. At 11 years old I started whitetail hunting and have been hooked ever since. For me whitetails are a year round labor of love. Food plots, scouting, trail cameras, and aerials are typically at the forefront of my thinking. I have always enjoyed turkey hunting but am more and more taken by it every year. They have become my whitetails of the spring and I enjoy them as much as deer anymore. I also enjoy waterfowl hunting and anything else that gets me into the outdoors. My favorite hunts are with my wife and our daughter Hannah. Those hunts mean more than any buck or tom. They are some of my favorite family memories. I'm very excited to join SNCC and share my passion with everyone.

Grant Green

Hi my name is Grant Green I am 22 years old. I am from Metropolis, IL where my love for the outdoors started at 5 years old when I killed my first squirrel. From then on it was downhill from there. Next at the age of 6 I killed my first deer and I also competed in Cowboy action shooting. Over the years my love for the outdoors has grown. I began bow hunting at the age of 12. At 15 I won the S...t. Louis deer classic youth archery division with a typical 8 point that scored 162 4/8. Along with some of my hunting accomplishments is killing my first whitetail with a Recurve bow in the 2011 season. I now reside in Salem, IL where I work in the Sporting Goods department at Wal-Mart part-time while going to school at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville where I am studying a Major in Criminal Justice to become a State Police Officer. I anticipate my internship with the Illinois State Police in May of 2013. To say I love the outdoors is an understatement. I live the outdoors! When I am not Deer hunting I am crow hunting then comes turkey season. Then with the summer months comes bow fishing. We will see what the Hunting year ahead brings us but if I'm hunting I'm sure it will be a great

Korby Taylor

Pastor Korby Taylor

Host: Wild game Hunting Podcast

My name is Korby Taylor. I was born and raised in North Texas and now live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with my beautiful wife and two awesome kids. I have the privilege of serving as an Associate Pastor at a fantastic church in Weatherford, TX.

Although I didn’t have anybody to take me hunting as a kid, that didn’t stop me from spending countless hours in the woods toting around my BB gun and pocket knife. In my 20’s, my brother-in-law and a few friends officially introduced me to hunting. I jumped in with both feet and have more than made up for lost time since then! Most of my days in the woods are spent with my son, Hudson. He is as eat up with hunting as I am!

I am blessed to be the host of a popular hunting podcast called The Wild Game Hunting Podcast. The Wild Game Hunting Podcast is an informative and entertaining free hunting show published once a month. Each episode offers listeners hunting tips/interviews from professional hunters, a lesson from the field, an encouragement from scripture, hunting updates from the host (me), and plenty of good 'ole hunting stories!

God has blessed me with the opportunity to harvest some nice turkeys through the years. There’s just nothing that compares to the thrill of hearing a big Tom thundering back to a call and coming in close enough to hear him drumming! Every turkey I shoot is as exciting as the first one! I am honored to be a part of the SNCC team!

Korby's facebook Page

Wild Game Hunting Podcast facebook Page

Robbie Crocker

Robbie Crocker

I have been hunting since I was about 8 years old, starting with squirrels and a 20 gauge shotgun with my dad.  I was born and raised with a hunting family in Murfreesboro, Arkansas.  I started hunting with a bow at the age of 18 after already harvesting whitetail deer with a gun and muzzleloader.  The bowhunting was definitely a new challenge and I have been hooked ever since.   From there it grew to turkeys and elk as well and I then harvested my first elk at the age of 25.  I now travel to Colorado or New Mexico each fall in pursuit of the bugling elk in the rut, usually with a bow, my weapon of choice.  Turkeys are similar to elk in many ways other than the nose which leads to my love of turkey hunting.  I refer to bull elk as turkeys on steroids!   Of course you cannot leave out bowhunting mature whitetails, always exciting and a challenge.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Pam, for 26 years, and have 2 wonderful children, Natalie and Ethan.  We have a very strong Christian home as I believe if you follow God first, everything else will fall into place.  I have a very understanding family with my passion for the outdoors as they are also outdoor enthusiasts.  I am also an active runner and fitness enthusiast as I was an All American in track at Ouachita Baptist University.  If you take care of yourself now, somebody may not have to take of you later, thus a motto I live by!

I am a lifetime associate member of the Pope and Young Club and also an official measurer as well. I am also a member of the Colorado Bowhunters Association, Arkansas Bowhunters Association, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  I am also on the Field staff and the Archer’s Image Pro staff. I look forward to promoting the products of Stormn’ Norman Custom Calls in our area.  Remember pass it on to our future generation, God Bless and have a safe and successful season!!


Jeremy Kelley

Hi I'm Jeremy Kelley , I was raised and currently reside in Choctaw county, Mississippi . I've been hunting deer & turkey since I was 12 years old . My true passion as an outdoorsman is turkey hunting. These Mississippi swamp gobblers will humble you as a turkey hunter, but I love the challenge! I'm a father of 2 daughters ages 12 & 4 . I've been married for 15 years . I love to introduce kids to the outdoors . I see it as a necessity! One day they may need the knowledge just to survive . I look forward to working with team SNCC &  helping such an awesome game call business grow. 
Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Jason Butts

My name is Jason Butts, I've been hunting since I was around 8 years old. My father Gary took me squirrel hunting and I was hooked. He continued to take me small game hunting until I was 10. I then started becoming interested in hunting bigger game. Bow hunting for deer was my passion for many years. Waterfowl and turkey hunting are two of my favorite things to hunt now. I also enjoy trapping and fishing. I strongly believe in taking youth hunting as much as possible to show them how great the outdoors are and how to provide for their family. If I'm hunting, my son Jacob is right by my side. I enjoy the time spent with family and friends in the outdoors and sharing the knowledge of hunting that has been passed down from my Dad and family.

Ladies Staff

KathyJo Norman (KJ)

Bio coming soon

Jr Staff

Jarrett Bryan Norman

Hi I'm Jarrett I was born in 2000 and started hunting when I was 7. I have killed deer, turkeys, along with small game, upland birds and dove. I love to hunt and fish with family and friends. When I'm not hunting I play basketball, baseball, cross country and track and field. My dad owns SNCC and it is a blast hunting with him.

Jaycelynn Norman


I was born on 1998 I started hunting with my dad (SNCC owner) in 2010. I enjoy hunting with a bow and prefer to leave the guns to the boys. I passed up a nice big doe last year hoping to harvest my first deer ever with my bow. In my spare time I teach sunday school in the youth church. I enjoy Cheerleading for OHS and shopping.

Drake Hoagland

I was born in 2000 I started hunting when I was 7. I killed my first deer whe i was 9 and turkey when i was 10. I play baseball and track at Odin JH. My favorite things to hunt are ducks and geese with my dad Michael Hoagland

Drake Villines

Bio Coming soon

Caleb Jourdan

Hi I'm Caleb Jourdan, I have hunted since the age of 7. I harvested my first turkey at the age 8. I also killed my first deer at the age of 10. I've  killed turkeys deer ducks geese and all sorts of small game. Also my favorite things to hunt are turkeys with my father and  waterfowl with my best friend Drake Hoagland. I enjoy the outdoors and I've learned a lot about the outdoors from my father, Steve (JR) Jourdan. (The Jefferson county Game Warden). When I'm not hunting I enjoy playing sports such as basketball, baseball, and track.

Grant Hodge

Hi I'm Grant Hodge I have loved hunting since before I can remember. I first started hunting with my stepdad and my grandpa and have been hooked ever since. I hunt about everything I have the chance to. I both shotgun and bow hunt. And I record my own hunts !

Rhett Bullard

Growing up in southern Illinois in a rural community, there is not a lot to do
around here, so that is where my passion for shooting bows began. Being in the heart of
whitetail country there is nothing better than sitting in the stand on a cold November
morning with deer running everywhere. I took a different approach to deer hunting than
most kids by harvesting my very first whitetail deer with a bow and arrow. This was a
major accomplishment to me since most kids harvest with a gun. I have to thank my parents for letting me do everything I do and supporting me every step along the way as well as getting me to the events. I have also got into competitive archery competing at the local,state, and national levels. I also enjoying discussing archery with anyone who wants to talk about it. 

Colton Wood

Bio to come soon

Landon Richardson

Bio coming soon

Mission Statement

Build top quality calls that customers are proud and confident to carry into the woods. Have fun in the process. Show respect for the sport and our customers. Be honest and trustworthy in all our transactions. Teach others what we know. Above all Honor God In All We Do!

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves Philippians 2:3

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